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New Autumn Shipment of Trees & Shrubs!

At the Mustard Seed Market just received fresh new stock of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs for Fall planting with beautiful green, orange, copper, and red hues!

Check out the list below from this shipment and pictures of the new arrivals. Available while supplies last at the Mustard Seed Market!

  • Autumn Brilliance Ferns

  • Arborvitae Hetz Midget

  • Barberry Admiration

  • Burning Bush Fireball

  • Chamaecyparis Crippsii

  • Chamaecyparis Gracilis

  • Fothergilla Mt Airy

  • Panicum Ruby Ribbins

  • Pennisetum Burgundy Bunny

  • Pennisetum Red Head

  • Carex Evergold Grass

  • Hydrangea Bobo

  • Hydrangea Firelight Tidbit

  • Hydrangea Limelight Prime

  • Hydrangea Little Lime

  • Hydrangea Little Quickfire

  • Hydrangea Ellen Huff

  • Hydrangea Oakleaf Pee Wee

  • Hydrangea Oakleaf Ruby Slippers

  • Hydrangea Strawberry Sundae

  • Hypericum Blues Festival

  • Juniper Procumbens Dwarf

  • Ninebark Ginger Wine

  • Smoketree Witchcraft Black

  • Spirea Double Candy Corn

  • Spirea Double Play Doozie

  • Spirea Double Play Red

  • Spirea Gouldmound

  • Spirea Strawberry Frosted

  • Viburnum Blue Muffin

  • Dogwood Greensleeves

  • Hornbeam Fastigiata

  • Magnolia Jane

  • Magnolia Little Gem

  • Maple Norwegian Sunset

  • Redbud Forest Pansy

  • Redbud Golden Falls Weeping

  • Redbud Hearts of Gold

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