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First Large Oregon Shipment Has Arrived!

Trees & shrubs have arrived at The Mustard Seed Market! Our first large shipment arrived this week on a 53 ft. truck from Oregon.

Why Oregon?

We purchase from Oregon because they have a longer growing season and superior quality Evergreens & Deciduous Trees at a great value. The specimen varieties we receive from Oregon are also unavailable in the surrounding states. Oregon also has the same temperate climate as we do here in Western North Carolina to ensure the health and quality of the trees & shrubs.

Popular New Arrivals At The Market:

  • 19 Varieties of Japanese Maples

  • 4 Varieties of Junipers

  • 38 Varieties of Spruces

  • 21 Varieties of Pines

  • 8 Varieties of Rhododendron

  • 4 Varieties of Kalmia

  • 6 Varieties of Pieris

  • 3 Varieties of Arborvitaes

  • 2 Varieties of Blueberry Bushes

  • 3 Varieties of Cherry Trees

For more in-depth information and up-to-date stock, visit the Market Monday- Saturday from 9AM - 6PM or Contact Us using the button below!

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