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Plant Profiles: Rosemary

Few plants give us such a desirable and noticeable fragrance as rosemary. Used as a culinary and garden herb, this plant has been a staple in herbal medicine and traditions.

Rosemary is hardy in zones 8-10; therefore, it is treated as an annual if planted in the high country. You can plant rosemary in the spring after any threat of frost has passed or grow rosemary indoors in an area with bright sun.

Growing rosemary in pots allows you to bring it indoors during cold weather. You can also keep containers on a patio or deck near your kitchen for easy cooking access. Most herbs prefer an unglazed, natural terracotta container for breathability and drainage holes.

Rosemary can be harvested at almost any time of year, though spring and summer are when it grows most actively. Fresh rosemary can be used in cooking year-round. You can also dry rosemary sprigs. Once the stems are dry, strip off the leaves and keep them in an airtight container in a pantry. The Rosemary fragrance is known to promote grounding and remembrance. Dried rosemary has also been a great addition to tea and baths.

Shop rosemary and other herbs at the Mustard Seed Market at 5589 US HWY 321-S in Blowing Rock, NC. Market hours are Monday-Saturday from 9am-6pm.

For more information on growing herbs indoors visit The Spruce

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