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Late Bloomers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The planting season is not just limited to early spring. Our perennial specialists have cultivated a list of late blooming flowers to give your garden color this fall!


Hardy Ageratum (Mist Flower): September- October

- Whimsical clusters of periwinkle flowers

Willow Leaf Sunflower: Late Summer- First Frost

- Tall & airy stems with bright yellow blooms

Monkshood (Wolf's Bane): September- October

- Long, dramatic stems topped with creamy yellow flowers

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Agastache (Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint): Early Summer- Fall

- Many different varieties such as yellows, pinks & oranges with a subtle minty fragrance

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Purple Love Grass: Summer- Fall

- Small mounding grass with plumes of purple

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Speedwell: Early Summer- Fall

- Spire-shaped flowers in purples, blues, pinks & whites

Ligularia (Leopard Plant): Late Summer- Fall

- Dark burgundy or green foliage with large round leaves; pruduces small yellow blooms

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Woodland Aster: August- September

- Small white flowers with a butter yellow center

New York Aster: September- October

- Small purple/blue flowers with a soft yellow center

Nippon Daisy: Late Summer- Fall

- Big white blooms with thick waxy leaves

Clustered Mountain Mint- August- September

- Fragrant Native plants with dense clusters of white flowers

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Hardy Garden Mums- October- November

- Full yellow or pink blooms

Anemone- Late Summer- Early Fall

- Large sirated leaves accentuated with a whimsical pink flower with yellow center

Cranesbill Geranium: Early Summer- Fall

- Small purple flowers in green foliage

Turtlehead: Late Summer- Fall

- Little pink blooms representing the shape of a turtle head

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Toad Lily: September- October

- Long stems with large leaves and speckled flowers

Image courtesy of Sandy's Plants

Shop these varieties and more while supplies last at the Mustard Seed Market

5589 US HWY 321-S Blowing Rock, NC 28605

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