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Growing & Caring for Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis Bulbs are here at the Mustard Seed Market. These flowing bulbs add bold and beautiful color to your home and make an excellent gift for friends and family during the holiday season.

Amaryllis flowers range from 4-10 inches in size and are relatively easy to care for. Suggested care is to place them in a sunny window and water when the top 2 inches of the soil feels dry. Blooms typically appear within 4-8 weeks after planting; for example, the Mustard Seed Market replanted Amaryllis are scheduled to bloom around the Christmas & New Year holidays. These blooms typically last for 2-3 weeks.

Planting Tips:

  • Select a container that drains easily with a hole in the bottom to prevent root rot

  • Amaryllis prefer tighter containers, therefore choose a pot with the diameter of the about 1 inch wider than the widest part of the bulb and twice as tall as the bulb

  • Fill the container halfway with soil and place the bulb in the soil so the roots are touching the soil with the remainder of the bulb sitting above the edge of your container

  • Fill with more soil around the bulb until only one-third of the bulb is remaining above the soil

  • Add more soil, tapping it down around the bulb, until one-third to one-half of the bulb remains visible

  • Water until soil is moist then place in an area with bright, indirect light for the best blooms

Shop pre-planted Amaryllis as well as Amaryllis Bulbs while supplies last at the Mustard Seed Market!

The Mustard Seed Market is located at 5589 US HWY 321-S in Blowing Rock, NC. Hours are Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm.

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