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Houseplants & Health Benefits

Houseplants not only provide a natural feel to your home, but these tropical beauties also have significant health benefits. Our team has researched how houseplants affect your mood, air quality, and design perspective; here's what you need to know.


Indoor plants can provide proximity to nature in urban environments, especially for those who live in highly condensed areas with little greenery. As urban dwellers or office inhabitants, we may lack a connection with our natural environment. By incorporating houseplants into our spaces, we create our version of an urban jungle by bringing the outdoors in and fulfilling the desire to be closer to nature.


Lush greenery can elevate the aesthetic of a space. Plants are easy fillers and can create visually stunning displays. In addition, foliage can develop a sense of peace and rejuvenation in your area. In times of distress, humans have been known to retreat to nature and remote locations surrounded by greenery to recharge and refuel. Houseplants can mirror this effect inside your home by creating an indoor oasis in your space.


NASA’s Clean Air Study provides scientific proof that many plant species can detoxify the air in our spaces. For example, common indoor plants can remove toxic agents such as formaldehyde and benzene. Plants also turn CO2 into O2, thus improving air quality and providing higher O2 levels.

“Low-light-requiring houseplants, along with activated carbon plant filters, have demonstrated the potential for improving indoor air quality by removing trace organic pollutants from the air in energy-efficient buildings. This plant system is one of the most promising means of alleviating the sick building syndrome associated with many new, energy- efficient buildings.”

Douglas, W. L. (1989, September 15). NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS). NASA. Retrieved July 28, 2022, from


Houseplants have also been known to increase productivity and creativity within a space. The art of collecting, styling, and caring for plants has become a healthy addiction with multiple health benefits.

Shop the entire collection of houseplants at the Mustard Seed Market conservatory! We receive shipments of commons and rare houseplants regularly and have a team of specialists who care for all of our plants based on their needs. Visit us today to shop and learn more from our team on how houseplants can elevate your space and your health!


The Mustard Seed Market is located at 5589 US HWY 321-S Blowing Rock, NC 28605

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