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Back To Their Roots: The Mustard Seed's Plan For The 2023 Season

This upcoming season, the Stewart family is growing in management at the Mustard Seed locations

in Blowing Rock, NC. Founders and owners Robb & Danielle Stewart started the business in 1992. Since then, the Mustard Seed has grown into one of the largest garden centers in North Carolina with a mission of bringing fresh plants and decor to the high country. Their second location, Mustard Seed Home, opened in 2022 with a new selection of furniture and decor in Blowing Rock

proper. The mission continues in the 32nd year of business, with three family members merging into management positions to support the company during the 2023 season.

The Stewart's eldest son, Ian Stewart, will begin his third year as the Operations Manager. The Stewart's daughter, Hannah Stewart, will now manage floral design, custom container and plant purchasing. In addition, daughter-in-law Madeline Stewart has moved into the business's marketing and sales management position as well as lead buyer for both locations.

"It's a dream to have our family working together in the business," says Danielle. "The girls and I have spent the past few months curating products and purchasing new styles for the shops. Our goal for the 2023 season is to return to the roots of who and what the Mustard Seed Market is to our customers. We've designed a combination of curated antiques, unique gifts, and exclusive decor for interiors and exteriors at the garden center."

In addition to the family's expansion in the company, Operations Manager Ian Stewart has initiated new technology and resources to increase consumer experience at the shops. The Stewarts have invested in a new point-of-sale system for a seamless checkout experience in effort to reduce wait time. They have also added two mobile registers for checkout outside at the garden center. Mustard Seed Home will also implement this new system.

"Our goal this season is to reduce customer wait time in line and provide multiple areas for people with large carts or items to check out without entering the garden center shop," says Ian. We are also launching a loyalty program to give back to our customers and say thank you for shopping at a local, family-owned business."

The Mustard Seed Market is located at 5589 US HWY 321-S in Blowing Rock, NC, and is scheduled to reopen in early March. For More Information Contact Marketing Manager, Madeline Stewart at

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